John Wayne Lied to You

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Hello, World!

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When you're under sixteen and need to earn some loot there aren't many avenues available to pursue. I found myself in this predicament at age fourteen when a pair of shoes became the object of my obsession. With my dad's help I landed a gig mowing our neighbor's lawn, but the result was absolute shit.
When your weed dealer always has top-notch product, and delivers to you without contact or conversation the last thing you want to do is rock the boat. Unintentionally paying said dealer in counterfeit money is a sure fire way to not only rock that boat, but sink the shit out of it.
Hi everyone! Today i got really high, and thought back to the first time i took part in the ganja. What a time it was, and what a path it has aent me down to this day. Like it or not, it only feels like the first time the first time.
I'm back fresh from another Bizarrocon with love in my heart, and stories in my head. This week's story happens to have taken place last year at the con where myself and my cohorts freaked out some squares. Plus, the tarot readings keep tying together, or at least in my head they are.
My good friend 'Lando' and I have gotten into some scrapes and scraps while attending concerts over the years, but somehow always managed to come out on top. This particular tale is debatable as far as who came out on top, or why . . .
When you're a band on the road you rely on the kindness of strangers to help you out with things. Sometimes it's food, or drugs, or even a place to stay. In this episode johnwayneisdead find themselves in Arkansas getting a heaping dose of piss-soaked hospitality.