John Wayne Lied to You

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                       Every Monday a NEW episode is comin' atcha! Be sure to subscribe!

                       Every Monday a NEW episode is comin' atcha! Be sure to subscribe!

Hello, World!

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It's always interesting to learn what inspired someone to pursue a passion, or choose their life's path. In my case, a fictitious character pretending to play the guitar made me want to become a real rock-n-roller! You know that new story you're looking for? Well listen to this!
Halloween is the most wonderful time of the year! What better way to celebrate this spooky holiday than to blast off on a mind-bending journey of self-actualization? Of course, you'll need some help from the most magic of mushrooms. In this week's story my experience at a Halloween party alters the course of my life.
Hi everyone! Today i got really high, and thought back to the first time i took part in the ganja. What a time it was, and what a path it has aent me down to this day. Like it or not, it only feels like the first time the first time.
Strip clubs are great! I know they're not for everyone, but for me they contain an air of seediness that I enjoy. It feels like I'm somewhere I'm not supposed to be, or like I'm getting away with something. Not all of my visits have been all sunshine and rainbows though.
My good friend 'Lando' and I have gotten into some scrapes and scraps while attending concerts over the years, but somehow always managed to come out on top. This particular tale is debatable as far as who came out on top, or why . . .
When you're a band on the road you rely on the kindness of strangers to help you out with things. Sometimes it's food, or drugs, or even a place to stay. In this episode johnwayneisdead find themselves in Arkansas getting a heaping dose of piss-soaked hospitality.